“Nobody plans to fail. They just fail to plan.”

— Anon.


Meal Planning is Important!

It’s 4:55 pm and you walk into your kitchen after work.
You open the fridge doors and stand there with an unenthused, blank stare. You have NO idea what to make for dinner!

Not sure what to eat? Stop racking your brain every night trying to come up with tasty meal ideas for dinner. Meal planning for a week in advance, or even a couple of days, can take that stress off you and set you up for healthier eating!

Need a food plan based on a specific dietary requirement (including low energy, heart health, gut health, joint pain, etc.)?
Are you on a specific diet such as keto, paleo, vegan or vegetarian?
I can make it work for you!

Get a customized meal plan for you and your family. Based on your health goals, I’ll create an easy-to-prep and easy-to-shop meal plan that includes an organized grocery list as well as tips for making meal prep easy.
If you want a little more flexibility on what you eat and when.
I can create a personalized recipe book just for you.
Give me a call at 604-831-6506 and let’s talk food!

meal planning

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