We need to reach a new realm where food is no longer about deprivation, fear and dread, but rather a source of nourishment, vibrancy, and joy.

Marc David, founder of the Institute for
the Psychology of eating.


The “Healthy Weight” Package

Are you ready to end your battle with food?
Would you like to gain confidence, go after that job promotion, have more quality time with family, step into the dating world, stop avoiding being photographed, go to the beach without a coverup?

If you’re ready to take the turn off the “pause button” on your life and start truly living, then I can help.

If you struggle with chronic dieting, food addiction, binge eating, disorder eating, or poor body image,
I can support you in taking control back…and it starts with your relationship to your body and food. Together, we’ll look for the “missing pieces of the puzzle” when it comes to your weight challenges. This may be related to your mindset, relationship to food, mixed messages about weight, and the emotional and biological roots of your addictions to both food and to dieting.

By looking at your body and relationship with food in a holistic way, you will achieve the natural bodyweight you were always meant to have. It is completely possible to end being a slave to food and feel more confident in your body.

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Healthy Weight Package