"Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again."

KT Witten


Confidence and Life Coaching

Have you ever struggled to achieve your goals or your “perfect life?”
One of the key reasons many people struggle with this comes down to fear and/or lack of confidence.

How we see our place in the world is influenced by both internal and external factors. However, confidence does not come from the way that you look, who you spend time with, our job, or social status. True confidence is a true inner game. It comes from how you truly see yourself when you remove your mask and just be YOU!

Full confidence comes from accessing both your inner and outer resources to take on life “full-on” in the face of challenges, and to know that it doesn’t matter what others think of you because you know who you are!

Another reason some people lack confidence comes from not knowing their true life passion or direction. It can stem from being disappointed in one or more areas of your life and not knowing how to change it.

…But it’s not hopeless when you have the right support and guidance, which as Confidence and Life Coach, I can provide. I can help you determine which areas of your life need a confidence boost and support you as you develop a plan to do it. I can help you recognize your skills and assets and where you already thrive in your life. I can also help you to find your passion and “calling” in life and we can work on steps to move you forward.

I can help you build up your confidence, build resilience, overcome fear, build competence, and develop a game plan for your life. Depending on what you need, I have a whole toolkit of coaching techniques we can use including Cognitive Behaviour Techniques, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, and Emotional Intelligence.

If you would like to explore what the next step of your journey could look like with the right support, contact me.

Confidence and Life Coaching