What do our clients say?

Here’s what some of our amazing clients have to say:

“Besides being full of information, Nabila is also out of the same book as me! I struggle with disordered eating and she has been able to meet my requirements on that level as well. I was going on a vacation recently, and Nabila was not only encouraging, she went out of her way to research restaurants in the area I was going, and emailed them to me!! How fabulous is that? I’ve received wonderful recipes, snack ideas and spiritual guidance as well…It’s been a wonderful experience to have been able to work with Nabila…I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a well rounded experience.” — Sue Jordan

“As an entrepreneur, I used to complain that I just did not have enough time to do what was needed to make my business profitable and still have a life. By sitting down with Nabila we discovered that it was not a matter of having enough time, but not having enough energy. By following a few simple health principles as outlined by Nabila, I was able to gain more energy and accomplish more in the day. And I still enough energy left to spend quality time with my family. I was able to grow my business and keep my wife and children happy.”– Ken Saunders

“Being a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor for many years now, I clearly understand that performance is directly related to how the body is fueled. I knew that after meeting Nabila it was meant to be that she would be my nutritional guide, not only to give me precise nutritional advice, but also to teach me the meditative side of eating. I am thankful to have an expert like Nabila to help me achieve maximum health results!”– Scott Boudreau, Instructor/Owner at Budo Mixed Martial Arts and two time world Jiu –Jitsu champion.

“The compassion, knowledge and understanding that I receive from Nabila Bhimji at Mindful Nourishment was amazing. I felt immediately at ease and like I was not alone in my weight and mood struggles. I came to see her because I was overweight and it was affecting every area of my life in a negative way. I learned that by eating foods high in key nutrients, I could heal food cravings and bring back harmony and healing to my body. My energy levels improved and I was no longer sad all the time. I am so happy with my result and would gladly recommend her to everyone I know struggling with their health.” — Janet Swanson

“I was immediately impressed with Nabila’s knowledge of nutrition and healing the body holistically. I especially like the fact that my plan was tailored made to address my specific health concerns, not just some cookie cutter plan meant for everyone. Today, I feel more alive and energetic then I have since I was a teenage girl. Thank you so much for helping me to get my life back!” — Samantha St. John

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