The New Detox

Welcome to 2021! A new year brings with it new hopes, goals and dreams. One such goals that seems to be consistent among people this time of year is the annual detox. Time to re-calibrate the body after all that bingeing on not so healthy, but oh so yummy food. Everyone seems to wake

A healing Journey Towards Loving your Body

We are constantly being bombarded with mixed messages from the media and inferences from friends, family and culture regarding  what the “perfect body” should look like. Despite  what these influences tell you, you are not meant to hate your body. The billion dollar weight loss and be

Need more energy?

Do you ever feel like there is a constant battle going on inside you between where you are and where you want to be? You dream and yearn for a better life for yourself, for your family, for your community, maybe even the world. However, a lack of energy, overwhelm, apathy, and /or sad

Top Foods to Eat for Optimal Brain Health

In this climate of change, global anxiety and unimaginable changes, taking care of our  brain and mental wellbeing is more important than ever. Stress reduction techniques such as meditation, breath work, exercise, yoga, journaling, laughter, and self care are invaluable tools to stay

A Healing Journey Towards Loving Your Body

We are constantly bombarded with mixed messages from the media and inferences from friends and family about what the perfect body “should ” look like. Despite what the media or your friends or family tell you, you are not meant to hate your body. But I mean, the  billion dollar weight

You Are Glorious and So Much More Than Your Body!

I recently saw the move The Greatest Showman (in fact I loved it so much I watched it twice and bought the soundtrack). I found the messages in the movie  both inspiring and  powerful. Simply put, love yourself and your own uniqueness, and don’t let other people’s opinions of you dete

Fall In Love With Taking Care Of Yourself: Mind, Body and Spirit

Your body shape does not determine your happiness. A healthy body, mind and spirit, along with  a sense of life purpose and community do. I can tell you from personal experience that I am healthier and way happier, more secure and vibrant at a “normal” weight than when I was at a size

Body Beautiful

I strongly believe that we are spirit first and body second. Everyone has a beautiful body that is meant to help us carry out our passions and purpose in life. And I can tell you from firsthand experience as a nutritionist, that your body size does not necessarily determine your level

Tips on Curbing Food Addictions and Over Eating

A common complaint I hear from my clients is that they are addicted to certain foods, or that they find themselves hungry shortly after a meal, or that they binge eat at night. There are many causes for food addictions and over eating. Poor digestion, for instance will inhibit nutrien

Top Three Potential Nutrient Deficiencies To Look Out For If You Are Vegan

There seems to be a strong movement towards embracing a plant-based eating lifestyle, whether it is it due to health reasons, animal rights, or environmental concerns. More and more individuals have been calling me to learn more about how to successfully  make the transition. Their to